Uniquely Anew, LLC.
Furniture, Home Decor & More
We are passionate
about our creations.

 At Uniquely Anew, each and every piece is a one of a kind work of art.  We look beyond the nicks and flaws and see the beauty hiding within.  We put our hearts into each piece.  Our hope is that our customers will  love their purchase as much as we loved re-creating it. 
We are passionate
about our Creator and His creation.

Where others may see an outdated piece of furniture, we see potential.  We take a piece that may have been left to waste and turn it into a beautiful and functional piece for your home.  We believe in being good stewards to this wonderful earth God has blessed us with.  We are proud to be a green company.  
We are passionate
about people.

We have been blessed with the opportunity to use our gifts and start our own small business.  We want to see this blessing passed on to other women around the world.  We are proud to support artisans and small business owners globally with the help of  kiva.org.
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